Japanese Royal Garden Tea
We select the finest green tea leaves, and process them in the traditional Japanese way to make premium Sencha, the essence of which is extracted with scientific techniques; furthermore, “low-temperature preparation” also helps retain the original flavor of traditional Japanese green tea. Quality “Japanese Royal Garden Green Tea” is sugar-free. It provides you a chance to sample the real natural aroma of Japanese Green Tea any time and anywhere; it is just as delicate and aromatic as the tea brewed at home. Japanese Royal Garden Tea not only is refreshing and beneficial for digestion, but also allows you to savor the joy of tea.
Vitalon Milk Tea
Made from the finest select black tea and mixed with high-quality milk from New Zealand, it is flavored with crystal sugar for a taste that is distinctive and healthful.
Tea Series
Including White Gourd Tea, Wu Long Tea, Green Tea and Lemon Black Tea, with first-class tastes. All the raw materials are the very best. They are popular and favorite drinks.