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Firing up the Energy, moving forward to a bright future!

Ever since the company was established 50 years ago, Vitalon has been stood on the practical spirits of roots to operate a “health” business that closely related to everyone. The company has been manufacturing honestly good products, making the efforts to create the health for everyone. The launch of Vitalon P, the first healthy concept Vitalon soft drink, and Super Supau, recommended by many physicians, have both been great success stories; therefore, these are our best verification to “offer celebrated drinks and create the health”. We have also improved our innovation ability by producing Royal Tea Garden Tea, the first sugar-free green tea and, Every Morning Healthy Tea, the first to be dual certified by National Health Food Standards.

To face challenges of the fast changing consumer market, we used research as our foundation, marketing as our channel to make our brands younger, more diverse, and more energetic. We believe: a beautiful future can be created for the company as long as seeing satisfied customers as our vision.

For many years, Vitalon tidily connects corporate resources and social pulse together and constantly popularize various public welfare activities. For example, Vitalon was the first company made the donation to South Asian tsunami, first to hold cross county international marathon, and etc. These activities of expectations for making better society are not only the concrete practice of motivation that raises the value of the society existence, but also goals for Vitalon to achieve in the future.

Passing the half-century, Vitalon has accomplished sustainable growth because of supports from our customers. We have full appreciation to use the spirit of “Firing up the Energy” as our self-expectation. On the public welfare, we will be more active in reaching every corner in the society; on the business end, we will use ever-younger innovation power to develop great potential healthy brands. And we must achieve: the great future, Vitalon will always be with you.