About Vitalon
In 1956, at Vitalon Company’s predecessor – “Yuanshin Dahsiao Pharmaceutical Factory”, while the founder of Vitalon Mr. Hsu Chiou-jing and his father were discussing factory issues, Mr. Hsu wanted to take the vitamin tablet manufactured in the factory; however, no water was available at the time. He had to just take a soft drink nearby for the vitamin. Nevertheless, the vitamin tablet fell into the soft drink incautiously …. This dramatic incidence opened up Mr. Hsu’s mind immediately. He found that the melted vitamin in the soft drink not only tasty but also had benefits of vitamin supplement to human body. After several months, a brand new vitamin soft drink was born. The product immediately attracted the support from the consumer and had become the most popular beverage at the time.

In 1981, the founder, Mr. Hsu again caught the opportunity of the government promoting exercise, produced the first custom-made sports drink, Super Supau, which also immediately turned into a fashion. It not only led the trend of exercise but also speeded up the development of Vitalon Group.

In recent years, after taking over the vital responsibility of the company development, our company Chairman, Shao has imported modern organizational management method bringing Vitalon professional information technology. The ideas of marketing oriented and innovative research have led the development of company brands to continually produce Royal Tea Garden Tea, the first sugar-free green tea and Every Morning Healthy Tea, the first to be triple certified by National health Food Standards, making Vitalon’s health mission in realty.

After decades of exceptional management, Vitalon has developed from regional soft drink factory into one of the best international corporation. Similar to the manifestation of corporate logo, Vitalon holds an attitude of actively moving forward, showing the determination and willpower to across the globe. Until now, Vitalon Group has more than 80,000 selling distribution in Taiwan. Products are also available on the market of Mainland China, Singapore, USA, Japan, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Argentina, Guam, Malaysia, Philippines and etc. Products of Vitalon have been received recognitions and support from the customers in every part of the world. The distribution channels are formed into a fine and exquisite network in 5 continents around the world. Vitalon is certain to successfully promote our series of popular beverages to every corner around the world.
1986   Since 1986, Vitalon has been constantly conducting various types of computerized operation mechanisms for upgrading management, operation efficiency and quality.
1988   In 1988, Vitalon relocated to Taichung Industrial Zone with a new plant of an area 9.80 acres. A new scientific and automatic production facility was built to upgrade the production capacity and quality.
1989   In 1989, Food GMP initiative management system was promoted by the government where Vitalon was one of the first to have obtained the Food GMP in the country in compliance with the Government’s policy.
2002   January 2002, ISO9001 Certification was awarded to Vitalon. We created Guinness World Records – “Largest Aluminium Can of Drink - Super Supau” in National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taipei. Height: 4.67meters, total weight: 11 tons, volume:8,460 liters (sufficient for 23,0 00 drink at a time)
2003   August 2003, HACCP System was conducted to the entire plant of Vitalon.
2004   In 2004, ERP system was established to make information integration and accurate control. With this system, Vitalon has continually developed and established operation strategies and the systems such as B2B for upgrading the company operation management to a higher standard.