About Vitalon
One day in 1956, while the founder, Mr. Hsu Chou-Jing was holding a meeting with his father at Yuan-Sing-Da-Hsiao-Tang Pharmaceuticals, the predecessor of Vitalon Group. He could not find any drinking water to go with a vitamin tablet and decided to have soft drink instead. Accidentally, the tablet fell into the soft drink. After tasting, he found the drink not only tasty and unique but also good for health. The incident inspired Mr. Hsu. Several months later, a brand new vitamin soda drink was launched, and it immediately won support from the consumers, becoming one of the most popular beverages at the time.

In 1981, Mr. Hsu seized the trend of Public Sports promoted by the government and launched Super Supau Sports Drink, the very first sports drink in the market. It soon raised the popularity of healthy drinks, and also encouraged the domestic sports movement. Furthermore, this speeded up the development of Vitalon Group.

In recent years, after taking over the vital responsibility of group development, Chairman Shaw has introduced modern management structure, which let Vitalon Group empowered by information technology. Royal Tea Garden Green Tea, the first sugar-free green tea, and Every Morning Health Green Tea, the first tea drink receiving three national health food certificates, were created under the ideas of market orientation and innovative research. From then, Vitalon’s mission of bringing health to the world had come into reality.

After decades of exceptional management and efforts, Vitalon has grown from a regional soft drink factory into one of the best international corporations. Similar to the manifestation of corporate logo, Vitalon holds an attitude of activity moving forward, showing the determination and willpower to across the globe.
1956   Launched Vitalon P Drink, Taiwan's first vitamin soda drink.
1981   Launched Super Supau , the first sports drink made in Taiwan.
2001   Launched Royal Tea Garden Japanese Green Tea Drink , the first sugar-free tea drink in Taiwan.
2002   The world largest aluminum can of Super Supau certified by Guinness World Records.
2007   Every Morning Health Green Tea received the first-ever health food certificate for avoiding body fat.