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Super Supau Isotonic Drink

For over 20 years, Super Supau has been the leading as well as the best selling sports drink in Taiwan, driving forward the sports drink market. Super Supau supplements water and electrolyte - crunches thirst and revitalizes.

Super Supau contains potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, electrolyte, vitamin C and Bifidusbacteria. Super Supau has the same osmotic pressure as blood and permeates your body system directly, and help quenching your thirst. Super Supau has conformed to CNS12149 and you can drink it at will without burden. Super Supau Sports Drink comes in various packages with different capacity. You can have more choices any time and at different occasions.
Super Supau
1500ml (PET)
Super Supau
600 ml (PET)
Super Supau
350 ml (CAN)
Super Supau
250 ml (CAN)