Vitalon was founded in 1956. Now we have entered a whole new century, and Vitalon Enterprises still unwaveringly insists on the ideals of health, care, and vision, in order to create a better future for the society. Furthermore, Vitalon has held to the principles of "Creativity" and "Quality" in helping maintain the health of the public by offering our popular beverages.

Looking back on the past, Vitalon Enterpises has undergone numerous setbacks and frustrations; however, we gained in return more applause and encouragement, which has been a kind reminder and firm support through thick and thin, giving us the strength to march forward and constantly better ourselves, for the sake of higher and more lasting achievements.

For the consumers, various quality beverages of Vitalon not only are the best choice for relaxation and refreshment but also stand for health and nourishment. That is the very reason why, in the highly competitive beverage market, Vitalon's products have always maintained a leading position in both sales and reputation.
We will also hold steadfastly to our principles, providing the best products to our faithful consumers, and making our contribution to the public. With our dedication to good health, Vitalon will always be a friend that you can rely on.