One day in 1956, a staff meeting was in progress at the Yuan-hsing-da-hsiao-tang Pharmacy. The company chairman--the father of Vitalon's chairman--reached for a glass of soda water instead of regular water to go with a few of the company's vitamin pills. Through this happy coincidence, Chairman Hsu discovered the idea for a brilliant new product. By adding vitamins to soda water, he created a beverage, which was refreshing and delicious and at the same time provided the benefits of vitamins. It became a unique drink that was distinctive in its taste as well as rich in nutrition. Several months later, a bottle of this vitamin-enriched soft drink, a product never seen before, came into being. It won immediate approval from the public, and quickly became popular throughout Taiwan. It was the hit drink of its time.
In the decades that have passed since, Vitalon has grown from a small local factory to a full-fledged international beverage company, successfully introducing its beverages to the every corner of the world.