Including White Gourd Tea, Wu Long Tea, Green Tea and Lemon Black Tea, with first-class tastes. All the raw materials are the very best. They are popular and favorite drinks.
Carbonated Beverages
Vitalon Salty Sarsaparilla
  Flavored with a small amount of salt, it meets the need of drinking for more people. It can really drive away the summer heat. Simply the most convenient means of thirst quenching.
Rhine Champagne Drink
  Rhine Champagne Drink is rich in vitamins C and E. It has a light taste of real champagne with just a touch of sourness that will make you want to drink more.
Picasso Cheer Coffee Blue Mountain Coffee
  Made from select coffee extract and quality milk powder from New Zealand, Picasso is perfect for serving both hot and cool.
Functional Drinks
Black Horse energy drink
  "Black Horse" energy drink is rich in nutrition. It is not only vitalizing but also good for health. Whether you are working overtime, driving long distance, or burning midnight oil for exams, a shot of "Black Horse" will instantly uplift your spirit and replenish you energy. "Black Horse" contains precious Chinese herbal ingredients to make you brimming with energy. Regular consumption is beneficial to health.
"Black Horse" keeps you going!