After establishing Vitalon, Chairman Hsu realized that a stable society is the basis for secure growth and development of the company. This approach to business has helped to ensure the wide popularity and solid reputation of our products; it has also given us the inspiration to become a leader in promoting healthy and wholesome activities among the people.

In 1990, the attitude of “taking from the public and giving back to the public” led Chairman Hsu to set up the Vitalon Foundation to heighten the effectiveness of the company's contributions to the society over the past few decades. The foundation strives to extend the attitude of giving to society to include a true concern for the health and well-being of people in every corner of the world. Vitalon has taken this as our goal and motto throughout our history and we pledge always to uphold it. On March 15, 1998, the new hall located on Shuan Shih Rd., Taichung City, for Vitalon Foundation was formally inaugurated. The new hall occupies a total area of approximately 600 pings, which is offered as a conference place for planning and discussion of charity and public interest activities. It not only establishes a new milestone for “to be kind to people and animals” spirit of Vitalon Foundation over the past decades but further extends the space of charity and public interest.