Supau A
Amino acid is the one of the essences that constitute life, it is also the component of protein. However, about 20% of amino acids inside human body cannot be reproduced by themselves, they must be acquired. Supau A contains various amino acids essential to human body. It is developed in order to fix the modern life style, in which irregular diets and malnutrition play a constant part; it not only helps to adjust your physical condition but also enhances your metabolism. Supau A is perfect for consumption for busy modern people.
Black Horse energiser
"Black Horse" energy drink is rich in nutrition. It is not only vitalizing but also good for health. Whether you are working overtime, driving long distance, or burning midnight oil for exams, a shot of "Black Horse" will instantly uplift your spirit and replenish you energy. "Black Horse" contains precious Chinese herbal ingredients to make you brimming with energy. Regular consumption is beneficial to health.
"Black Horse" keeps you going!