Vitalon Company
In order to respond to the growth in our business and production, Vitalon has adopted the principles of concentration and division of labor to organize our personnel in six divisions:
•General Manager: In charge of the operation and audit of the entire Vitalon Enterprises, as well as the future development plan, formation and scheme of development strategy, and long-term outlook for the corporation.
•Human Resources: In charge of planning, recruiting, and training of staff; salary, welfare,and all sorts of personnel administrations.
•Production: In charge of the preparation and production of products, as well as production control.


In charge of the information structure (both hardware and software) of the company, including the design, construction, and promotion thereof.
•Management: In charge of general affairs and accounting, stock management; as well as business booking and purchase of raw materials; moreover, an export unit has been set up to take charge of overseas markets and sales of import goods on commission.
•Research and Development: In charge of research and development of new products, quality control, material inspection, and OEM evaluation.